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Southeast University China

Sponsored by the Ministry of Education of China, the Southeast University China is included in both Project 985 and Project 211. The predecessor of the university was formed in 1902 over a century ago, and over the years, the university has been become one of the most preferred and best ranked medical universities in china for indian students from different parts of the world who aspire to study mbbs in southeast university. In addition to offering a wide range of academic disciplines, the university is also considered one of the best in offering medical education not only to local students, but also to students around the world. With a large number of graduate, doctorate and undergraduate programs, the university can help any student with the right to become a medical field to become an exceptional medical professional. The quality of medical education offered by the university is venerated by academic and medical institutions around the world and also by the World Health Organization. In addition, medical programs are recognized by most of the world’s medical councils, including India, and offer the perfect opportunity for aspiring mbbs in southeast university to continue their careers elsewhere after the medical program.

MBBS in Southeast University

One of the most impressive aspects of the university that will help you get admission in Southeast University, china is undoubtedly the infrastructure of the university. It has several hospitals, research centers, clinical laboratories and affiliated medical centers, well equipped to offer exceptional training to students who aspire to MBBS in Southeast University. The academic infrastructure is further strengthened by the exceptional library that the university has under its sleeves and has millions of volumes of books in a wide range of academic fields including, among others, medicine, science, administration, economics, law and fine arts. The educational and professional aspirations of the students are well watered by impeccably qualified, trained and experienced university professors. There are more than 2700 full-time teachers that include professionals with Ph.D. degrees. To ensure that the university can offer exceptional support to the aspirations of students seeking in mbbs admission to one of the best medical university in China for Indian students, the university has symbiotic relationships with other universities and research centers around the world. All these elements help to improve the world ranking of Southeast University.

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Why Southeast University?

1 Doctorate Program of First-Level, which offers Clinical Discipline of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine.
A Degree level Professional Program that offers Clinical Medicine.
45 Master’s Programs of Second-Level, which offer Physiology, Dermatology, Immunology, Internal Medicine, Pharmacology.
6 Master’s Programs of First-Level, which offer Clinical Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Discipline of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine and Preventive Medicine.
Department of Clinical Discipline of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine


Study MBBS in Southeast University

Southeast University has ranked among the top 20 universities in China and among the top 300 universities in China in the world. In the official ranking of subjects made by the Ministry of Education of China, Southeast University has been classified among the 1st 3 in 8 fields, including landscape architecture, art history, architecture, urban planning, electronic engineering, civil engineering, biomedical engineering, and transportation engineering.

Its origin Sanjiang Normal College was established in 1902 as a modern university on the campus of an academy dating from 258. In 1921, the school changed its name to National Southeast University and became the 2nd National University in China, and in 1928 was renamed to National Central University, the nation's flagship university. After the KMT government lost Nanking to the Communist Party of China, the university was renamed the National Nanking University in August 1949. It was renamed the Southeast University in May 1988.

How to Get Admission in Southeast University

Southeast University is one of the 32 universities administered directly by the Department of Education of China, which are considered the medical universities in China. The university has 16000 undergraduate students and 10000 graduate students in more than 30 schools and departments. Southeast University admission is very competitive. Normally, the university enrolls the best 2% high school students from across the country to its undergraduate programs, and 5% of the undergraduate students to its graduate program.

Most of the students are recruited by engineers or some large schools such as the School of Energy and Environmental Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Information Sciences and Engineering, School of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, School of Economics and Management, as well as Transportation Engineering School. The rest of the Indian students are enrolled in some smaller schools and departments, such as the School of Automation, the School of Electronic Sciences and the Department of Physics.

There are about 5600 faculty members in Southeast University. Among all the faculty members, there are 8 members of Chinese Academy, 25 “Changjiang Scholars”, 1 fellow of State Department Degree Committee, 9 members of State Department Degree Committee, 31 distinguished national youth research scientists, 7 members (ranking 2nd nationwide) of ‘863 Projects’ expert committee, and 57 excellent Department of Education research scientists.

The university has 64 undergraduate programs, 206 master’s programs, 109 doctoral programs and 15 postdoctoral research sites. In the most recent official summary of the ratings, 6 programs are among the top 5 and another 6 programs are among the top 10 nationally. Especially the School of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering ranks first. The university has a superior research capacity. There are 10 first-class national academic programs, 6 possible first-class national academic programs. 3 National Research Laboratories, 1 National Professional Laboratory, 2 National Engineering Research Centers and 7 first class Laboratories of the Department of Education.

In 2006, the research funds for the university are 600 million Chinese Yuan, which ranks 7th in the country.

Ranking of Southeast University in China

Southeast University ranking is one of the 100 best universities in scientific research and development in China. It has more than 20 national or provincial research institutes, with a series of key research bases. During the last decade, he has completed more than 1,000 research projects, of which more than 500 have been awarded national, provincial or municipal science and technology awards. Its research fund exceeded 1,100 million Yuan in 2010, which ranked 11th in the country. Southeast University’s Architecture Research and Design Institute, which is one of the few national first-class design institutes, have undertaken several major projects. The Zhongda Hospital, affiliated with the Southeast University, was created in 1935 and was classified as ‘Class A - Grade 3’ by the Ministry of Public Health.

In 2007, Southeast University was ranked 443th among the world’s universities. In 2010, according to an important scientific journal "Nature" (Nature Publishing Index 2010 China), the report classified the Southeast University as the 8th among all national research institutes.

In 2010, the Southeast University ranking of the best universities in QS world university rankings was classified - 87th among Asian universities, 76th in engineering and I.T. between the Asian universities, 301 - 350th in engineering and I.T in the whole world.

In 2016, Southeast University was ranked 201 - 300 in the world ranking of Academic Ranking of World Universities and 20th in the field engineering ranking of Academic Ranking of World Universities. In 2017, the Chinese national university ranking edited by Wu Shulian, Southeast University ranked 14th in the National University Ranking in China, along with 22 other universities as national top universities.