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3 Reasons Why Study MBBS in Southeast University China

Southeast University China

The Southeast University, located on the side of the elegant Lake Xuanwu in the CBD of Nanjing, the campus of the school of medicine is a quiet and elegant place with unique landscapes and environments. The history of this university dates back to 1935, the former medical school of the central national university. During more than 70 years of history, a large number of renowned doctors and educators who contributed much to modern Chinese medicine once studied or worked here.

Campus Overview

The Southeast University is located in Dingjiaqiao, a quiet and elegant place with unique landscapes and environments. The specialties of the school include clinical medicine, medical imaging, laboratory, nursing and biological engineering. In 2010, the number of students in the study amounts to more than 2,400, including candidates of 1400 singles, 622 teachers, 143 doctors and 322 international students. With a dedication to the pursuit of excellence, the study MBBS in Southeast University offers unique learning experiences across the spectrum abroad and a high level of academic and social environments.

Affiliated Hospitals

Southeast University China responds to cultivate talents, creating curricula, and learning opportunities that increase access to higher education.

Zhongda Hospital, the affiliated hospital, is one of the first hospitals approved nationally in Jiangsu Province, with an important influence in the academic fields of intensive care medicine, radiology, cardiology, neurology, etc. in China. With several changes in history, the institute, as the key construction and the comprehensive university faculty of medicine of the national project ‘985’, administered by the central government, following the rules of medicine and life sciences, taking the road of elite education committed to cultivate professional talents with a solid foundation and an international vision of innovative medicine and life.

Discipline Construction

Southeast University China has currently established Bio-engineering, biology, and immunology of pathogens, genetics and biology of development, biochemistry and molecular biology, pathology and physio-pathology, structural study of neuroscience and medicine, physiology and foundation of pharmacology; Internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, nursing, medical laboratory sciences, medicine, neurological and psychiatric images, oncology, intensive medicine, clinical medicine; Dozens of teachers and the research section that receives teaching for approximately thirty thousand hours a year, a group of outstanding leaders and teachers emerge.

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