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Southeast University has been always investigating strategies in school administration and ability supporting. It empowers the logic of Liangjiang Normal School’s “experience hardness, make progress”, the soul of Nanjing Higher Normal School’s “country, majority rules system, science”, the school aphorism of National Southeast University’s “taking an expert hand at flawlessness”, the scholastic climate of National Central University’s “earnestness with yearning”, and the school ethos of Nanjing Institute of Technology’s “meticulousness, honesty, solidarity and industriousness”. Over a hundred years SEU has been going for creating science and rejuvenating the Chinese country. Its soul of self-enhancing and seeking after for greatness animates everybody in SEU to make splendid accomplishments.

The college has plans to develop its exhaustive change while finish its advanced college framework, fortify inward development, strengthen development and enterprise training, enhancing gifts instruction quality and innovation advancement level, upgrade the capacity for social administration and social legacy and advancement. As indicated by the design of “solid building discipline, propelled science discipline, quality expressions discipline, anddistinctive prescription order” and development supposition of “multi-disciplinary joining, science, designing, expressions and drug understanding, industry, study and research mix, universal participation”, SEU will quicken discipline development, center around key components, and bolster distinctive parts separately. It will manufacture a progression of world top notch orders and national driving orders, taking a stab at developing a world best college with Chinese attributes and SEU highlights. SEU is set out toward auniversity with generally quality achieving world top of the line around 2020, and a world top of the line college around 2030. the college intends to achieve the main position among word class colleges amidst this century.

Southeast University is one of the most seasoned foundations of higher learning in China. Its starting point can be followed back to 1902, when it was established as Sanjiang Normal College. At that point, it developed as: Nanjing Higher Normal School, National Southeast University and National Central University. Amid the across the nation rebuilding of organizations of higher learning in 1952, Nanjing Institute of Technology was built up on the first site of National Central University. In May 1988, the college was renamed Southeast University. In April 2000, Nanjing Railway Medical College, Nanjing College of Communications and Nanjing Geological School were converged into the college, whose fundamental grounds is situated at the focal point of the old capital city of Nanjing, a sacrosanct place for instruction since the Ming Dynasty.

On June sixth, 1921, the National Southeast University held an executive gathering, talking about the Board Regulations, embracing the “Notice of Association for Southeast University”, the approved quality, and the spending issues. What’s more, Professor Guo Bingwen was suggested reliably as the leader of Southeast University at this gathering. The date of June sixth was affirmed as the commemoration day of our college as far back as at that point.  On May seventh , 1988, Nanjing Institute of Technology was renamed as Southeast University by the State Commission of Education. What’s more, the Renaming festivity was hung on June sixth, 1988.

Located at Sipailou 2, Nanjing, Southeast University, is continually adhering to the hypothesis of “training first” on school administration, has been expanding contribution to instructing and heightening the change in training in its exertion for the quality-arranged instruction and understudies’ advancement regarding their soul of development and capacity of training. As far as undergrad instruction, the college, while customarily underlining fundamental learning, practice and quality, has advanced higher benchmarks, i.e., seeking after magnificence, going worldwide and featuring imaginative research.

1. Academic excellence

The South Eastern University has remarkable academics record. It is one of the leading universities in the world, who is known for its academic records. The university provides a best academic platform for the students in the form of useful seminars, conferences, and workshops. We are here to give a lot of opportunities to the students those who want to learn. The university offers the best placements record every year. Students of our college get the place into multinational companies and many named organizations. Students get joining in their hands before completion of the course.

2. Sports and Gym facilities

This university is focused on Sports activities also. Coaches encourage students to take part in the sports events actively. Gaming and Gym are the best physical activity. Gyms are available for both boys and girls separately in the university premises. Trainers and coaches are also present to train students. Students of our university are actively taking part in athletics also.

3. Hostel Facility

The accommodation facility is available for boys and girls in the campus premises. The food at the university is cheaper. The charges for the accommodation are also nominal. All type of food choices is available in the university which includes vegetarian and non- vegetarian food. The hostel buildings are also Wi-Fi. Rooms of the hostels are well-furnished, and canteen is hygienic.

4. Library

The South Eastern University provides a big library for the students in the university premises. The library of the South Eastern University is well-organized, books are correctly arranged.  Newspaper section is also present in the separate corner of the library. Students can study in the library comfortably and efficiently, as special care is taken for maintaining silence in the library. Nobody is allowed to speak unnecessarily or shout in the library. Punishment policy for those elements is also there.

The South Eastern University provides latest books and journals inside the library that helps to enhance the knowledge or students as well as teachers.

5. Medical Facility

The management of South Eastern University provides Dispensary for the students and all the staff of the university; the dispensary within the university campus that provides to basic medical requirements as well as unforeseen emergencies. The dispensary service is available 24X7. The university offers free medicines for students as well as for staff members.

6. Bank Availability

The South Eastern University provide bank in the campus to facilitate students; it helps students to save their time as they need not go outside the university campus for bank purposes. The university keeps in mind the importance of the education to the students, as they become the future of the world. So, we try our best that the studies never get affected, and every facility must be provided on the campus.

7. Functional Hall

The South Eastern University had well-developed and maintained Functional Hall. It is used for all the functions or cultural events held in the campus. It can easily accommodate a large number of people in the hall. The South Eastern University always keep in mind the needs of the students and provide the best perks for all the students where they can live happily.

The primary motive of South Eastern University management is to provide the best platform for all the people in the campus; it may be students or teachers. The South Eastern University organized many seminars, workshops, and conferences. The university also provides skill development programmes for the students as well as teachers so that they can explore their skills.

8. Canteen and Restaurants

The South Eastern University has many canteens and restraints inside the university premises. The canteen offers a variety of foods for the people in the university. The university canteen offers new dishes, hot and cold beverages, and many more eatables at nominal prices. Restaurants of the campus are well-maintained.

The South Eastern University, has well-experienced and qualified faculty. The faculty of the university is outstanding they used their best possible ways to teach in the classes. We also trained our faculty according to the latest technique. For international candidates, teachers are well-trained according to the requirement. So, it becomes easier for them to teach the international students and interact with them. Our faculty tries to create a positive and passionate atmosphere in the classes to grab the interest of the students in the lectures.

The South Eastern University, the teacher, shows passion while teaching that creates a fantastic atmosphere and learning environment that helps students in gaining knowledge from them. In The South Eastern University, teachers always use different teaching techniques to keep the student’s interest in studies. They use projectors in the classroom to teach, present’s topics in a demonstration which maintains the student’s interest in the class.

The South Eastern University provides an amazing platform for all the teachers. The atmosphere in the college is fantastic. If students face any issues, students can ask from any of the staff members in the college as everyone is open and friendly. People at the university are very helpful.

The South Eastern University provides an excellent platform where we can learn more and more and get success in the career. The Management of the university is highly cooperative with the international students; they give the best opportunities and facilities to them. The management of the university, still trying to improve the system for the betterment of the students.

We at the South Eastern University understand requirements and the problems of the International students. If they face any to the documentation or any personal issue or any question related to education loan and all; we set up help desk for that. Our counselors are available 24*7 hours to help the students. You are free to contact us anytime via email or phone number for any query.

To serve for the international students, we are here to help them out for their queries via the help desk. Our counselors are experienced to handle the questions feel free to contact them and get the solutions to your problems.

Help desk helps the students in the problems which include:

  • Legal Formalities that is required during admission
  • Admission counseling
  • Personal self-motivational Counseling
  • Study Loan financing problems that are most common
  • Lodging comfortably and Documentation Issues if any.

The South Eastern University offers training cum seminar to the newcomers where they can clear their most of the doubts about the university or any other problems related to education. We are here to give the best platform to the student’s so that their aim will never fluctuate.

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