Southeast University

Accommodation Facilities in Southeast University

Students are suggested to live in Southeast University accommodations that have four campuses situated in Nanjing the first one is Sipailou Campus located in Chenxian Street 90, the second one is situated in Dingjiaqiao Campus that is in Dingjiaqiao 87 at Gulou, the third one is situated in Jiulonghu Campus in Southeast University Jiangning District, and the last one is situated in Pukou Campus in 6 Road East Taishan New Community. The first three apartments are for International students who have come for MBBS in Southeast University or the other courses in china.

Accommodation Fees of Southeast University

Southeast University accommodation fees are 6000 RMB for a year per student.

Southeast University Accommodation Areas

The campuses are divided in to some criteria’s according to courses as follows that Sipailou Campus is for international students who are learning languages, studying architecture, studying sci-tech graduation.

The second campus Jiulonghu is for those students who are studying most bachelor degrees exchange students, business management students, art and liberal arts graduation students and for freshmen for medical major’s students.

The third one Dingjiaqiao campus is for medical bachelor and master students MBBS in Southeast University.

Dormitories are given to those students who arrive earlier and need comfort zone due to fresher in the Southeast University China.

Facilities in the Southeast University Accommodation

As we already mentioned above that International students are living in the first three campuses building where Dingjiaqiao Campus is commonly prepared for most of the international students who are studying medical courses or study MBBS in Southeast University and most of the international freshmen students.

The room facilities of the southeast university for international students provide air conditioners, water heaters, and 2 beds desks/chairs/cupboards, telephone, Internet access, and bathroom and mini kitchens are available which is for self-supplied service at the Dormitories at Sipailou and Dingjiaqiao campuses.

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