Southeast University

Description of Southeast University Ranking

Southeast University is a comprehensive leading university in China situated in Liangjiang W Rd, Jiangning, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. Southeast University ranking we find the university achieved top ranking among the top 20 universities in china Southeast University was established in 1902 as a modern university its name was Sanjiang Normal College, In 1921, the authorities changed its name to National Southeast University and it became the second national university in China, then in 1928 the Southeast University has renamed again to National Central University, after many changes, finally it got its name Southeast University in May 1988.

Southeast University Ranking

Southeast University policy and acceptance of admission application forms will vary in the areas of study on degree level, student nationality level and residence level, etc. If you have decided to apply for MBBS in Southeast University you can contact for detailed information on the specific procedure of Southeast University admission.

  • World Rank 367
  • National Rank 25
  • Quality of Education Rank 385
  • Alumni Employment Rank > 1000
  • Quality of Faculty Rank –
  • Research Output Rank of 175
  • Quality Publications Rank 286
  • Influence Rank 654
  • Citations Rank 541
  • Overall Score 75.4

Southeast University Hostel Facilities

The Southeast University is located in Liangjiang W Rd, Jiangning, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China and the Southeast University hostel located at the campus area being a part of the Southeast University you have to follow the rules which are to maintain the decorum and the discipline of the university.

  • Students are not allowed to have pets in their rooms.
  • If a student lives in dormitories they should keep quiet and should not disturb others by making noise. For example, dancing in the room on loud music, listening to music at loud volume.
  • If in case a student finds to violate the rules of southeast university china this will be punishable and the punishment will decide according to the seriousness of the case.
  • Item available in the dormitories are only for residents’ use so any of item placed in dormitories should not break, lost, damaged, or missing in that case a student who is responsible will be paid for losing.
  • If is there anything that needs reparation, students must inform the staff of Southeast University.
  • Students who are using bicycles they will park them at the parking only, do not park in the dormitory buildings of Southeast University.
  • Students are not allowed to scribble or put posters on walls. The kind of material like posters and public materials is not allowed on the campus of the southeast university, for distribution, an exhibition purpose on campus.

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